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Your Life. Smoke Free.

Heal and Release Your Smoking Habit Without Frustration or Cravings

Michael Fitzpatrick

"The most successful smoking cessation therapy I've encountered."

Michael Fitzpatrick Director Meaghers Pharmacy Group
Mícheál Mac an Bard

"Brian you gave me freedom to live again. Never in a lifetime did I think after 41 years I could give up."

Mícheál Mac an Bard
Una Corcoran Barnes

"Hi Brian. 2 years in March. :-) I would call it MAGIC what you do."

Una Corcoran Barnes
guaranteeYou will stop-smoking upon full completion of this life-changing therapy. You will have no cravings, no desire or urge to smoke. Your smoking problem will be gone or you will pay absolutely nothing.
Habit healer Brian Healy has developed his paradigm-shifting Pattern Release Therapy as a way to completely heal unwanted or addictive-like habits.
Brian treats the mind-body system as a whole and heals the actual cause of your smoking, which ends all cravings without frustration, fear or weight-gain.
It's life-changing.
The problem lies with particular patterns in the way we store our experience of life.
Brian can release these patterns of the past to create immediate release and leave you feeling safe, fulfilled and at peace like never before. No patches, vapes or willpower needed.

Brian says: "Not alone will this therapy absolutely end your smoking habit, but it will have a profound healing effect on your system as a whole; you'll feel so much better in many other aspects of your life too.".

The Benefits

You’ll live smoke-free!
No cravings
No frustration
No weight-gain
No fear
No desire to smoke
You'll be safe. You'll be fulfilled. You’ll be more comfortable and have a greater quality of life.
You'll have much more energy, renewed vitality and greater sense of composure.
You'll feel more confident, secure, and peaceful and be several thousand euros richer every year afterwards.

Fully guaranteed.
You'll love it.


Go ahead, go for it!

You’ll be very glad you did.

Call Brian now, or send him a message to arrange a time to chat that is convenient for you:

Clinics: Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, & Victoria Cross, Cork, Ireland.

International Availability

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