Live Smoke-Free

Imagine if, in just a few days, your smoking habit disappeared completely and you had no desire to smoke; and no cravings ever again. Zero. Ever.

Can you imagine that freedom?

The good news is that together we can, absolutely, deliver that for you.


Here's How:

Why do you smoke? Simple question: think about it.
You don't know why you smoke, do you?

Isn't that weird?

Everything we do, every action, every behaviour, has a purpose - an intention behind it.

So there's an intention behind your smoking too.

The reason you don't know what it is, is because it's really old. It was created many years ago, most likely even before you smoked for the first time.

Its purpose is no longer relevant, it belongs to the past.

Here's the good part: when we identify it, and you become aware of the purpose or intention of your smoking,  you'll realise you don't need that purpose anymore, and we can cancel it.

How cool is that?

It'll take a few days but when we're done you'll never want another cigarette again.


The Progression

You'll stop smoking after our first meeting (or Skype consultation) when we work together to heal the underlying cause.

We'll stay in close contact over the following hours and days, and with real-life feedback from you, we'll make sure that you get to 100% craving-free.

Then, I'll continue to monitor you until I'm satisfied that you have zero desire to smoke remaining.

You’ll live completely smoke-free for the rest of your life.


The Benefits

You’ll live smoke-free!

You'll be safe. You'll be fulfilled. You’ll be more comfortable and have a greater quality of life.

You'll have much more energy, renewed vitality and greater sense of composure.

You'll feel more confident, secure, and peaceful.

You'll love it.


Investment and Future Safeguard

The investment is a once-off payment of €500 to live smoke-free.

This is an all-inclusive fee.

In the highly unlikely event that you have any further difficulties with your habit in the years to come, I’ll resolve the issue fully, free of charge.

Let's do it properly for you.

It's your life.

Let’s talk about getting you better. Reach out. You’ll be very glad you did.