Brian Healy

For more than 23 years I have been mesmerised by how words can change lives: an artfully-constructed sentence, delivered at just the right moment, in just the right way, can heal instantaneously.

Of course, the understanding behind the construction of that sentence takes many years to develop.

In parallel with my early (unoffical) studies of elements of psychology, hypnotherapy, NLP and other modalities, I was developing my own - at first nebulous, but latterly somewhat complex - maps of meaning.

My life was chaotic and I suffered increasingly from addictive habits, which I could not seem to end despite my continual fearful effort: it seemed to me that my behaviour was being expressed without any conscious choice.

I understand now that because of the way these habits are structured that the more I tried to stop, the more I would want to continue.

My intentions in learning, then, were primarily about healing myself; but as I uncovered more about the nature of consciousness - as I came to understand it - a love of, and a vocation to helping others became, perhaps, an equal imperative.

That which I have taken decades to learn can now create progress in the lives of others in just days.

It is very gratifying and I am hugely ambitious for my clients.

It is a shared experience too: we both learn; we both progress; we both grow.

It's a very special process.

Kindest intentions,