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Supercharge Your Life Skills

Break through limits; heal unwanted fears and habits; solve persistent problems; and create and manifest powerful intentions.

EVENT CANCELLED: Apologies this event will not be going ahead at this time. Check back new events coming soon.

Free Introductory Talk - Wednesday 31st July, at 7.30pm, The Calm Rooms, Monkstown, Co. Dublin. All Welcome.


Brian Healy's exciting new training teaches you in days what has taken him decades to develop: simple, powerful, easy-to-learn techniques that will enable you to transform your life, your goals and yourself.

Learn to move forward in your life, over obstacles you have struggled with for years.

Learn the questions that when asked of yourself will transform frustrating life-problems and allow you to progress easily and immediately.

Learn how any persistent troubling habits, limits, beliefs or reactions can be identified and truly healed using consciousness-based techniques.



Brian says: "I'll teach you simple but life-changing techniques to find true expression in your life without being held back by the limits of the past.

You'll also learn how to elegantly create powerful new intentions that will create a context to manifest, and actually create, the lives we aspire to.

You can be a better you than you ever thought possible - I'll show you how.

These are skills that, once learned, will be with you for life: a valuable addition to anyone's life journey.

You'll find it really interesting. It’s very beautiful.

The results are instantly life changing."


Learn to heal

  • Addictive-type habits and behaviours
  • Mental blocks of any kind
  • Phobias, anxiety and fears
  • Being unable to, or preventing yourself from doing something that you really want to do
  • Unwanted cravings
  • Regularly doing something you really don’t want to do
  • Feeling compelled to act a certain way.

In fact, pretty much anything that internally prevents you from making the changes you want to make in your life, in your lifestyle or in yourself, can very likely be resolved.


Come along to Brian's introductory evening, it's free. Learn how you can be a better you and how you can learn the skills to change your life and be the person you want to be, without limits.

See you there.


Free Introductory Talk:

Wednesday 31st July, 2019 at 7.30pm. Important: please arrive on time; 5-mins early if possible.

Venue: The Calm Rooms, 101 Monkstown Rd, Monkstown, Dublin, A94 E3F9. (Door next to Goggins Public House)

All are very welcome.

Clinics: Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, & Victoria Cross, Cork, Ireland.

International Availability

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